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I have always loved glass. The way sunlight disperses through crystal, creating dancing rainbows on the wall. It amazes me how intricate some pieces are; the talent and skill that go into the details that make something so beautiful.

I also love vintage pieces. My earliest memories include my mother stopping at every antique shop on the way to grandmother’s house in Missouri. We did not have much money then, so her forays led us into dusty mom and pop shops where she could score an inexpensive jewel. On the way home, we’d forage along the muddy road for cat tails and wildflowers to put in her found treasures.

In my house today, pieces collected from the chapters and journeys of my life give me comfort and pleasure. I’m not one for the austere design of this century. I adore older pieces like I appreciate old houses – the exposed brick interiors, the classic heavy moldings, the unexpected spaces.

And flowers! Do I love flowers? Ask my neighbors! I’m so often outside puttering around in the yard with my floppy hat, gloves and pruners; planting, weeding, watering, trimming, arranging. No matter that it is VERY hard to keep flowers alive in the crazy climate here – either fiery hot or frigid. I try to grow these friends anyway. The love I get back from beautiful, fragrant blooms is worth it. My dogs and cats weave in and out between the shrubbery, proudly sharing their spaces with me.

My shop is the result of my passion for glass & vintage, and my love for flowers.

I hope you browse my website and that you enjoy looking at the pieces I’ve curated for you.

My wish is that you love the arrangement I create for you or your loved one, and that you will tell your friends. As a small boutique and local oriented business, I rely on word of mouth to make my business successful. I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to flowers and gifts so thank you for being here. I am not a big business based in another state – my niche is serving the community; I want you to be happy and so I will work with you to get it right!

Holiday Animal began as a gift wrapping service in North Texas, back when I had a kidney transplant, with tons of new energy, courtesy of my amazing donor. The name was inspired by my boundlessly enthusiastic border collie, Pepper. “We work like a dog so you don’t have to” is our motto. I say “our” and “we” because I think of Pepper as my happy assistant, tail wagging, his eyes telling me, “yes, yes, that looks awesome, go for it! I am here for you!”

Thank you for supporting my small business. I (we) hope to deliver for you soon!

Sara James (and Pepper)

Ephesians 6:10-20