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What’s New, Boo?

New home, new baby, new job, new chapters?
There's a vase for it in the Shop!

Welcome Home!

Celebrate a New Home

Nothing says Welcome Home like a vase full of beautiful fresh flowers! And, when your floral arrangement is set in one of these vintage cottages, the vase becomes a memory maker.

Gift Intentionally with one of these unique vintage pieces! Click on the image for details.

Welcome Little One

Share the Joy

Hello Baby! Celebrate the new arrival with a unique vintage vase. One of them might even spark a childhood memory or two! You choose the vase, we'll select the freshest seasonal blooms to create your unique floral arrangement - with a few little baby flower buds included, of course!

We have many awesome pieces in our inventory that would make really thoughtful vases for the new mommy and daddy. Look for them in the shop!

New Job

Send Congratulations!

Don't miss the opportunity to note your loved one's big events, like a new job or big promotion!

Let them know you are proud of their achievement with a bouquet that shouts "I'm rooting for you!" We can add a succulent or two to the arrangement to plant and grow - just like their new career.

New Chapters

& Adventures

When the occasion calls for a fist bump or a shoulder to lean on, let your loved ones know you are their biggest fan or friend in need. What better way to say it than with an uplifting bouquet and card with just the right message?

Vases with butterflies, vases with frogs - let your vase choice express a sentiment along with the florals that accompany it. Choose just the right card in our shop.

Make your flowers matter: Gift with purpose. Gift Intentionally.